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I don’t have money to pay for your service.

We offer a No Win No Fee Service with no upfront fees. We can deduct our fees out of your refunds so you don’t have to stress about the bill. Please note our fees are also fully tax deductible, so you will be able to claim our fees on your next tax return. Call us...
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Can’t find previous Payment Summaries?

At Tax Solve Australia our Tax Accountants will most likely be able to gather all of your payment summaries from the ATO or your previous employers. As the ATO allows some deductions without receipts we can guide you through the process of retrieving some of your lost information to maximize your refunds. We are here...
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Am I in trouble for not lodging my tax on time?

As registered Tax Agents when we notify the ATO that we are working with you to bring your lodgments up to date they will normally leave you alone. In most instances the ATO only escalates cases to get you to be compliant and there is a high chance that by working with us we may...
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Late Tax Returns

If you are reading this, you probably are concerned about not lodging your Tax Return on time this year or maybe even for previous years. If this is the case, please don’t stress as Tax Solve Australia make the process of getting your tax returns up to date painless and if you have multiple years...
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